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About me

First of all, welcome to my little blog ;) I'm a gamer for a very long time now. It's my passion to play games, write addons for games, created mods and was even involved with some server proxy development for Starbound. I am a very open-world oriented person, I like to share anything I make with anyone and all my work is free to re-use in any manner you see fit. All I ask in return is to provide a link of the original source, or just look at the Creative Commons license in the footer.

In that perspective, I LOVE everything OpenSource. I love Linux, I love Ubuntu and specially my favourite flavour xUbuntu. I will hopefully pour all my knowledge and notices I made throughout my lifetime into this blog. Expect some useful stuff!

Alright, so down to basic info about me (and oh look, there's even a pic on the right this time around!):

Realname: Matevž Kristan

Residence: Novo mesto, Slovenia (EU)

Born: September, 1974

Education: Engineer's degree in Information Technology and Master's degree in Information and Business Science

Occupation: I work for a multinational pharmaceuticals company, that's located in my town. I'm a system engineer working mostly with server infrastructure. We count around 300 physical and 700 virtual servers. So it can be fun :)

Nicknames: Teihoo, Tombz

More ingame nicknames: Trippy, T For, Omnipotent, Dr. Shred, ...

Gaming: Now on to the most fun part :) So yeah, I play games. I even stream sometimes, but only when there's something interesting to stream, since I'm not that interesting myself :P Anyway! I used to play tons of games before time, some of my favourite titles are: Atic Atac, Jet Pac, Sabre Wulf, Dungeon Master I & II, Elite, Descent I & II, ... But after a really early online experience with Descent (which I loved so much, and was even involved with some high end clans at the time) I stopped gaming for a while as I was having too much fun partying in my college times :) In 2005 I started my first MMO - which was EVE OnLine (sorry, but I really don't recommend it nowadays). After 2 years of EVE, I went to WoW and after that (2009) to Atlantica Online (which is awesome turn based game, but also it can be extremely expensive, since its model is kinda "pay2win"). I have been playing Atlantica all the way up to last year, when I finally quit. I can say I'm very proud at my game play in AO, since I personally carried a small guild into a very big and healthy guild, which eventually took over the nation and I was the king of the nation for almost a year :) Looking back now, I think that was my best long term experience in a game and I do hope they make something new along these lines.

Recent activity: For the past year I'm mostly tied to Starbound community. I have made a lot of posts on the forums, trying to help ppl with modding, even made a mod myself and in general playing the game and looking for resources that would add up to my gaming experience. I love Starbound and I hope I'll be modding for it for a few more years at least :) Apart from that, I do lots of tiny bits here and there - if you really wanna know, best to follow me on my social network (links at the right side of the footer).

I also love to play in multiplayer, so if you think we can play something together, let me know!