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Website content goal

Posted by Teihoo 1.1.2015 @ 19:01
I will try to accomplish a few simple ideas about this website. First of all, its primary function is to serve as my personal blog and secondly to provide a web space where I can share info about my hobbies - games and coding...

Yet again I am trying to setup a blog to keep my public notes and provide some area where I can share gaming/coding info apart from the social media I already use anyway.


To keep this simple as possible, I'll create a list of things to do and then slowly cross them once I get there :)

  • create About page
  • add galleries for the most common games I play
  • add descriptions and reviews of my top games
  • add game tutorials section
  • add a blog about my current development projects, for start
  • post updates to the blog on regular basis!