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Aura Kingdom

Posted by Teihoo 6.6.2016 @ 08:37
Aura Kingdom is a free to play Anime MMORPG offering a world full of fantasy! Register now, write your own story and join our forces in Shangrila guild.

Aura Kingdom



Interactive Companions

Eidolons are no mere pets; they are powerful warriors in their own right and are not to be trifled with. If you earn their trust, however, they will reward you with their invaluable aid in the numerous battles to come.


Fast, Fluid Battles

Change combat into an art form! Engage in battle like never before, and watch as your screen explodes with the power and grace you exhibit on the battlefield.

If you still need more than that, call upon your trusted companion and team up for spectacular combos. Show all of Azuria how truly powerful you are!


Stunning Anime Art

Take in the stunning art that waits around every corner. From fantastic character and monster models to magnificent landscapes that stretch beyond the horizon, you can spend hours just marveling at the vistas Azuria has to offer. Get out there and explore!


Travel in Style

Why walk when you can ride an ostrich? Why ride an ostrich when you can fly? There are a number of unique and fantastic ways to get around the world of Azuria, making the journey just as gratifying as the destination.



Quests and Gliding




There is no shortage of tasks to complete in the world of Azuria. All across the world you’ll find people who require assistance. Completing quests for these people is the primary way to earn experience, which helps your character to grow more powerful, strengthens skills, and allows them to equip better gear.


People who have requests to make of your character, an Envoy of Gaia, will have an exclamation point floating above them.



This quest icon is also visible in the map.


The quest tracker on the right side of your screen displays a list of active quests. It will give a brief summary of where to go, who to meet, or what to kill to complete that request. In many cases, left-clicking a quest objective will allow your character to auto-path to the place they need to go.



The quest log is divided into three tabs. “Journal” lists storyline quests and side quests. “Fame Quests” displays quests that reward fame points. “Achievements” are side quests around the world that award Loyalty points as well as useful items.


Left-click any quest on the left side of the quest log to display that quest’s details on the right.





Gliding is a quick, easy, and fun way to explore the world of Azuria. Once you complete the prerequisite quests, you’ll be able to soar across the land with the greatest of ease.


You will also gain the ability to hurl yourself downward at incredible speeds, landing with a massive impact.



High Level Activities


Cactakara Forest is a dark forest where two waterfalls converge, forming a mighty river that cuts through the land. Many races call Cactakara Forest home, including Centaurs and Dwarves. Centaurs are brilliant and peace-loving, but generally don’t take kindly to outsiders and seldom reach out to other races. Dwarves have a passion for building and tinkering and excel at all things mechanical. They are known across the land for the hulking mechanical constructs they build, and for their yearly competition that pits robot against robot to see which creator is the greatest genius of them all.



You will have the opportunity to participate in this famous Dwarven tradition and win fame and fortune in the Steel Arena robot battle extravaganza. May victory go to the most hot-blooded contender!



You can also team up with four other players and enter the Gydaie Glen dungeon in Hell Mode for the ultimate challenge. This trial is not for the faint of heart, but if you emerge victorious, your whole party will be rewarded with rare and powerful items!


Character Information


Keeping your Envoy of Gaia on the cutting edge of progress is important, especially when the going gets rough and the quests get tough. You can view your character’s stats at any time by pressing the “C” key to open the character sheet.


Gear Attributes



Keeping your Envoy of Gaia on the cutting edge of progress is important, especially when the going gets rough and the quests get tough. You can view your character’s stats at any time by pressing the “C” key to open the character sheet.


The Equipment Score area takes into account the character’s level, armor, weapon, and any inlaid Secret Stones to give a numeric value. The stronger the character is overall, the higher their Equipment Score will be. This is a useful metric for comparing one character to another.


The right side of the character sheet lists your character’s Health Points (HP) as well as Offensive and Defensive levels. As the character gains levels, they’ll earn points you can add to their Offensive and Defensive stats to strengthen Damage, Critical Hit Rate, Speed, Health Points, Defense, and Evasion.


If you want to redistribute your character’s stat points in a particular category, you can click the Reset button. You can reset stat point investment as many times as you like, but each reset costs gold.


The Derived Stat section shows any cumulative bonuses granted by armor, weapons, and inlaid Secret Stones.


Clicking the Costume Dye button will bring up the dye interface. Here, you can customize the colors of any vanity items marked as “Dyeable”.


Clicking the Detailed List button will display everything your character has equipped, their available Ultimate Skills, and any Secret Stones they have.


Personal Title



Completing certain tasks will bestow special titles upon your character. If a quest or achievement awards a title it will be listed in the Quest Reward section of the Quest Log. Earning titles is a great way to receive extra bonuses that’ll make your character even more powerful. Title bonuses are cumulative, so it’s definitely worth your while to earn as many as you can.


To view the titles that your character has earned, click on the Personal Title tab in the Character Sheet.


The Title Info section shows which title is currently equipped. This is the title that will appear over your character’s name and is visible to other players.



The Title List area shows all of the titles that character has earned and the stat bonus granted from obtaining each title. You can equip any of the titles listed here.


The bottom of the Personal Title screen displays the cumulative bonuses from all the titles the character has earned thus far.


Envoy’s Path



As your character’s EXP bar reaches certain milestones, they will earn points to spend on the Envoy’s Path. The Envoy’s Path contains potent passive abilities that boost stats, grant new skills, and modify existing skills.


The number of available points is displayed in the Points section at the bottom-left. Previously assigned Envoy’s Path points can be reset, though each reset costs gold.


New bonuses can only be selected from squares directly adjacent to squares you have already unlocked. To unlock a square, left-click on a shaded icon, then click Confirm. If you’re having second thoughts (and we all do now and then), you can click Undo to reset any points you’ve allocated during the current session, as long as you haven’t yet hit Confirm to finalize your choices.


Be sure to plan your course carefully, as there are powerful bonuses and skills available at the outer edges of the Envoy’s Path. Also, keep in mind that some skills you will come across require certain secondary weapons to use.





Fortification adds a bonus to weapons and armor, ATK and DEF respectively. Three items are required for fortifying: Gaia Fragments, Weapon Fortification Scrolls (for weapons) or Armor Fortification Scrolls (for armor), and of course, the weapon or armor itself. You may obtain the fragments by salvaging unwanted gear.


Salvaging Armor and Weapons


  • Press the B key to open the Inventory bag.
  • Left click on the Salvage button. It has a hammer icon.
  • Move the mouse pointer over the gear to be salvaged and left click to turn it into Gaia Fragments.


Receive more Gaia Fragments by salvaging higher level and better quality gear.



Fortifying Armor and Weapons


  • Press the B key to open the Inventory bag.
  • Left click on the Fortify button. It has a sword icon.
  • Place the armor or weapon to be fortified in the Place Gear window.
  • Place the corresponding scroll, either Armor Fortification Scrolls or Weapon Fortification Scrolls in the Fortify Item window.
  • The Consumed window shows how many Gaia Fragments will be used per fortification attempt.
  • The Remaining window displays how many Gaia Fragments the character has left.
  • If a fortification fails, Potential points will be added.  When you reach 100 Potential points, the upgrade automatically succeeds!
  • When you are ready fortify, click the Fortify button.
  • Basic Fortification Scrolls work up to +9. Advanced Fortification Scrolls work up to +20.


Learning Recipes for Refining

Refining is the act of combining a base piece of armor or weapon with refining materials to create an enhanced item with stronger stats. An Envoy must learn refining recipes in order to create better equipment.

Recipes are available for level 40 and higher characters. Basic weapon recipes can be bought from a Blacksmith. Armor and advanced recipes drop from harder dungeons and bosses. Once a recipe is learned it is shared with all characters on the account.

To begin refining, speak to a Blacksmith and select the dialogue option “I want precise casting and forging.” Then click on “Learn Recipe”.


To learn recipes found as drops, drag the recipe from your inventory to the Special Recipe slot in the Recipe List window and click on the Pay button. Recipes that have been learned will appear in the Refining window.

Refining Armor and Weapons

Gemstones and ore for crafting can be mined by using a pickaxe on ore deposits found in various maps. The pickaxe can be bought from a grocer.

Refining materials start dropping in level 30 dungeons or can be purchased from the Auction House. Green weapons and higher are used as base weapons to craft better weapons. Refined items cannot be traded.

Refining Rating System

Each recipe starts out with an Expertise Rating of D or E. As the character uses the recipe the Expertise Rating bar will fill up to reach the next rating. Ratings go from Grade E > D > C > B > A. Grade D awards 100% of the stats for the item.Better ratings increase the chance to craft better stats for the item up to 130%

How to Refine Items


The resulting refined item will randomly receive a prefix that awards an additional bonus effect.

  • Speak to a Blacksmith and select the dialogue option “I want precise casting and forging.”
  • Select the recipe of the desired item to refine in the Refining List window.
  • Left clicking on a recipe will display required materials needed as well as a description of the item.
    • Refining Cores are combined with a green quality or higher base item to refine the enhanced item.
    • Semi-Produced Items are required to refine Weapon Refining Cores.
      • Ore and gemstones are used to refine Semi-Produced Items


Secret Stones

Secret Stones are used to enhance a weapon or armor piece to increase a given skill. Basic Secret Stones can be purchased at a Secret Stone Merchant. More advanced Secret Stones can be found by exploring Azuria.

Secret Stones can be inlaid, extracted or upgraded. Upgrading a Secret Stone consumes unwanted Secret Stones to increase the power of a select Secret Stone. Only one Secret Stone can be inlaid into one piece of equipment. They cannot be upgraded beyond the character’s level. Once a Secret Stone is upgraded or inlaid, it cannot be traded.

Upgrading Secret Stones

  • Speak to a Secret Stone Merchant and select dialogue option “I want to embed, extract or upgrade a Secret Stone.
  • Place the Secret Stone to be upgraded in the Upgrade window.
  • Place the Secret Stone to be consumed to enable the upgrade in the slot below the Upgrade window.

Receive more Gaia Fragments by salvaging higher level and better quality gear.

  • Left click on the Refine button.
  • Hover mouse pointer over Secret Stone to view stat bonus.

Inlaying Secret Stones

  • Place the gear you wish to inlay in the Inlay window.
  • Place the Secret Stone in the window below the Inlay window.
  • Left click on the Inlay button.
  • Hover mouse pointer over gear to view new stats

Extracting Secret Stones

To extract a Secret Stone, place the gear with the stone you wish to extract in the designated window, then left click on the extract button.



Monsters are not the only thing you can battle against as an Envoy. You can test your mettle against other Envoys of Gaia in the PvP arenas. To join an arena click on the crossed swords icon near the mini-map.

The resulting PvP window will display a schedule of what times the arenas are open as well as the prizes and rules. If an arena is open you can click the Join button to be transported to it.