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Starbound Modding

Posted by Teihoo 6.1.2015 @ 20:27
For the past month or two, I have re-engaged into Starbound modding. About a year ago, I was fully active with many different projects built around the Starbound game and its community, but then took a long break...

So now, almost a year later, what am I up to? Well ... as before, I'm trying out a lot of mods from Starbound Mods section of the forums. And since I was around last year, I wanted some of the mods like Lightdrones, to work in the nightly. Right now, I've had my hands in about a dosent mods, and I hope to mess with a lot more in the near future. I also like to hang around in Freenode IRC chat ##starbound-modding so you can find me there pretty much every day.

Most significant work I've made so far for Starbound can be summed up into something like this:

  • in December 2013 I made a few of my personal mods, and my biggest challenge at the time was the Water Gun
  • when I mastered items and guns, I wanted to make some flying techs, so I made RedPack Bubble mod
  • when I got bored with just vanilla stuff, I started adding a ton of mods, and "surprisingly" a lot of them had quite a few bugs and all sorts of issues, so at first I started fixing them for myself
  • later on, I was helping other people with mods, since I can't do much pixel art, I thought I'd help with code
  • after having my hands well dirty with mods, I started hosting a family server, and I found out it was lacking commands badly ... so naturally I looked up to one of a few wrappers available that provided some additional server functionality
  • and again, they were either buggy, or lacking functionality I was looking for, so.... I started working on this wrapper called StarryPy
  • even though, I can't work much with packet decoding, I could do pretty much everything else on top of that. I made a lot of plugins, and all sorts of improvements and enhancements to the wrapper, always trying to keep up its performance and utility at the maximum
  • and as of today, a friend in IRC patched the packet part so it should work with the new nightly build, or protocol 662

My plan as of now, is to firstly finish Wabbel species, which I took over, and post them on the mod section of the Starbound forum. I will also port Pixel Good Store mod to the nightly in the mean time. I will then work with kharidiron on the StarryPy wrapper, so it's usable for some small home servers. And last but not least, I've setup my Java environment to start helping out on the SatrNub wrapper project. In the long term, I think that one promises most.