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Voice chat server

Posted by Teihoo 2.1.2015 @ 15:41
After long years of hosting a voice chat server, I have now moved to a GameVox server. Starting out back in 2005 I hosted my first ever voice server with TeamSpeak 2 free software...

At the time it was ment for my small EVE OnLine community, and in 2007 I completely quit EVE and started playing World of Warcraft. The community in WoW was mainly using different Ventrilo servers, so it felt the right thing to host a Ventrilo server - but which was sadly limited to only 8 concurrent users. So TS2 was still running and was finally shutdown around 2009 (can't seem to remember the exact year), when I switched to TeamSpeak 3 beta. So almost after 5 years of running TeamSpeak 3, it's finaly time to retire it. And for all my users, I've setup a 200 slot server at GameVox.


Click the image for the invitation link!